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What is utc every?

UTC EVERY is a unique virtual experience hosted by Ultimate Training Camp for every athlete, every sport, in every nation that will challenge your view of how God, life, and sport are connected using five Biblical Principles, and interactive exercise activities. You’ll be led in worship by RUN51.

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the principles

The main content for the event, the AIA Principles are relevant and tested over 40 years with competitive athletes worldwide.

common language

You will have a common language with others who have attended UTC already. You’ll understand what they are talking about.


An easier way to fit UTC into your schedule and within your budget. Get a great ‘taste’ of the camp experience.


UTC EVERY is useful for competitive athletes, coaches, athletic trainers, and athletic directors.

Due to differences in time and language, we give international participants two choices: 1) Watch it live with athletes from the US (8-9pm Eastern Standard Time) and be in a small group with them (9-10pm Eastern) 2) Watch a recording later when it is convenient; we will not assign you to a small group, though you could recruit people in your country to participate with you.

CONTENT STREAM PACKAGE: Access to all five sessions of online content and get a digital event notebook (including reflection questions). You can organize your own discussion group with friends if you want to.

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