Holy Spirit part 5: Relying on the Holy Spirit’s Power

part 5: relying on the holy spirit's power


Equipping of the Holy Spirit: Sharing Points 5
In this final video in this series, Will takes Grant through the last step in moving from being unprepared to deal with obstacles to being equipped to face those obstacles and walk in the power of the Spirit. 
The four steps Will outlined were:
1. Recognize the conflict.
2. Remember the source of the conflict
3. Reject the desires of the sinful nature.
4. Rely on the Spirit’s power to produce His fruit in our lives.


Answer the questions below. As before, consider sharing your answers with growth partners. If you’re completing the program solo, write your responses in a journal. 
  • What are one or two highlights that stood out for you from the video?
  • The guys talk about an example of how you could use these steps in a conflict with a roommate. Think of a situation in your own life where you can apply this tool. 
  • Consider how you would apply each concept: Recognize, Remember, Reject, Rely 

supplemental resources

In order to experience God’s love and forgiveness you must confess your sin as you become aware of it, and turn again to your heavenly Father. You do that through these these simple steps, which you can remember as being D-R-Y. Learn more in the link below.
DESIRE | Do you desire to be filled (that is, directed and empowered) with the Spirit?
REPENT | Are you turning from known sin and confessing it to God?
YIELD | Are you surrendering control of your life to Christ?

What did you learn from this supplemental resource? 

live it!

Invite someone to go through this collection of programs with you.

Up Next | Part 1 If you find it intimidating to go through content such as this with someone else, take heart! It’s often much easier to simply use your own story to share your faith with others. The collection that follows will help you know what to do and not do when sharing your story.


Holy Spirit is the third journey of Equipped Disciple. Learn about the whole five collection series, and how the parts fit together.