Freshmen Outreach


Freshmen Outreach

Connecting freshman athletes with a caring, Christ-centered community

Katie Neff

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The start of any new season tends to be full of unknowns. For many college athletes, this fall in particular contains a myriad of unknowns. Beyond the usual concerns of balancing classwork with a demanding practice and athletic schedule, or earning a starting place on their team, athletes this year are facing a whole new realm of uncertainties: Will I be able to attend my classes in person? Will my team get to practice? Will I even have a season?

For freshman athletes, the adjustment to campus life can be overwhelming. The freedom of being away from home often comes with new temptations. This, coupled with the unique stress of needing to succeed athletically and the pressure of being an influencer as soon as they get to campus, can often add up to loneliness, depression and worse among young athletes.

For these reasons, connecting freshman athletes with a caring, Christ-centered community that can help them become strong in their faith is absolutely crucial. The Athletes in Action Freshman Athlete Survival Tools are key to forging this connection. FAST Packs include things like:

  • an athlete’s Bible
  • access to faith & sport resources
  • invitations to local AIA ministries & events
  • opportunities to connect with a caring community … and ultimately Jesus
  • AIA stress ball
  • water bottle
  • snacks

FAST Packs have proven helpful in opening doors for AIA staff members to reach out to incoming athletes. God has even used the packs as a way to initiate spiritual conversations with curious students. Tanner, who connected with AIA early in his college days, is one of these students.

“I got to see for the first time peers that truly loved Jesus who showed that every day. I was around a community that I needed. I got started in the direction I needed to. I would not be where I’m at with my faith journey if it wasn’t for getting involved in AIA as a freshman,” Tanner says.

This fall, AIA seeks to distribute 1,800 FAST Packs to students on 18 different campuses across the United States. Each pack represents an opportunity for a young athlete to connect with a caring community and, ultimately, Jesus.

Many schools are already beginning their fall semesters, so we need your help today to get these packs into the hands of freshmen around the country.


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