How to Point Young Athletes to Jesus


How to Point Young Athletes to Jesus

Help reach athletes at the beginning of their collegiate careers

Kayla Jenerette

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The clock is ticking. And that’s why we’re rushing to ship thousands of FAST (Freshman Athlete Survival Tools) Packs … well, FAST!

But we can’t do it alone. With little time left, we desperately need your help!!

Like Elijah from the video, freshman athletes are about to face a new type of battle. As if the temptations of stepping foot onto a college campus aren’t pressing enough, toss in the pressure to perform, the pressure to “fit in,” & the pressure to keep an athletic scholarship! It’s a lot of pressure during a time of transition and life-altering decision making.

That’s why reaching athletes at the BEGINNING of their collegiate careers is critical, equipping them with community, prayer & tools to make godly decisions … before making ones they may forever regret.

One of the most effective ways AIA staff members meet freshmen athletes is by reaching out with practical care items, like:

  • Athlete’s Bible
  • Faith & sport resources
  • Invites to ministry events
  • Stress ball

A proven tool for facilitating lasting connections and spiritual conversations, FAST packs have opened the doors for freshman athletes to know Jesus and grow in their faith. And with the influence of athletes on their campuses, reaching them now will help equip them to shine a bright light for Christ on entire teams, classes & campuses. The impact is limitless!

Our goal is to reach 5,000 college freshmen across the country with FAST Packs this fall.

Your gift today will go directly to impacting thousands of athletes, students and campuses around the country. Athletes need help, guidance, and ultimately, they need Jesus. And the gift of a FAST pack can open doors to provide just that.

Will you please take a moment to send your most generous gift today? Together, let’s point these young athletes to Jesus!